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New Arizona Law Could Help Opioid Users Avoid Prison

SB 1278 went into effect last week. The bill establishes a statewide program for the rehabilitation – rather than imprisonment – of some non-violent felons, including those charged with felony drug crimes. Until now, Maricopa County was the only county in Arizona with a pretrial intervention program aimed at felonies. The bill includes an appropriation […]

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Hit-and-Run Charged in Phoenix Traffic Fatality

It was reported last week that a pedestrian was killed in Phoenix when she was struck by a vehicle at an intersection. The driver of the car, according to police, did not stop after hitting the young woman. Rather, he proceeded to the parking lot of nearby Frys, ostensibly to check the damage to his […]

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Tempe Crash Leads to DUI, Manslaughter Charges

Some people still consider DUI a relatively minor offense. Maybe because for a first-time DUI, the charge is usually a misdemeanor. Whatever you might believe about the seriousness of drunk or drugged driving, a recent event in Tempe might well change your thinking. A Phoenix man was driving his pickup truck this past Saturday night, […]

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Medical Marijuana Ban Sought on College Campus

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants to arrest people and charge them with felonies for having marijuana on a college campus, even if the arrestee has a valid medical marijuana card and has purchased the drug legally. Back in 2010, the voters in Arizona approved Proposition 203. That initiative, known as the Medical Marijuana Act, […]

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2017 Memorial Day DUI Arrests Up in Arizona

We hear all the time about the correlation between holidays and drunk or drugged driving. Traditionally, there is an uptick in the number of crashes, highway fatalities and DUI arrests during the various holidays. But some holidays are more dangerous than others. The Most Dangerous Dates to be on the Road Here’s the breakdown on […]

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ACLU Sues Over Arizona Victims’ Rights Law

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has started a lawsuit in federal court over a section of the Arizona Victim’s Rights Law. The plaintiffs in the case – several criminal defense attorneys – are asking the court to declare that section of the law unconstitutional as an illegal prior restraint on speech. Here’s what the […]

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How Many Police Officers Does Phoenix Need?

When the subject is how large a police force is needed in Phoenix, or in any major city for that matter, one thing is certain: some groups will consistently tell you that more cops are needed to protect the lives and the property of the citizens. They will tell you this regardless of the crime […]

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Arizona Supreme Court Limits Law on DUI Blood Samples

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that a provision of the state’s DUI law – involving blood samples – is unconstitutional. We hear a lot about breathalyzers, blood draws, urine tests and the like, in the aftermath of a suspected DUI. If you did not know the law, you might wonder why anyone would agree […]

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Hazing Alleged at High School in Chandler, AZ

At least four members of the Hamilton High School Football team in Chandler, Arizona have been arrested for a variety of offenses allegedly committed against other students. Police say the arrests stem from what some are calling “locker room” behavior, but others – including the police – says the allegations are more serious than that, […]

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Murder, Manslaughter or Self-Defense?

A homicide case in which the defendant was charged with murder has resulted in a manslaughter conviction. Bradley Quillen was sentenced to ten years in prison in connection with the shooting death of Miguel Delfin last April after an altercation outside a Phoenix 7-Eleven store. One of the critical facts in the case was not […]

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