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Hazing Alleged at High School in Chandler, AZ

At least four members of the Hamilton High School Football team in Chandler, Arizona have been arrested for a variety of offenses allegedly committed against other students. Police say the arrests stem from what some are calling “locker room” behavior, but others – including the police – says the allegations are more serious than that, […]

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Murder, Manslaughter or Self-Defense?

A homicide case in which the defendant was charged with murder has resulted in a manslaughter conviction. Bradley Quillen was sentenced to ten years in prison in connection with the shooting death of Miguel Delfin last April after an altercation outside a Phoenix 7-Eleven store. One of the critical facts in the case was not […]

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Cosby Pre-Trial Victory in Sexual Assault Trial

Unless you’ve been living for a while in a place without any outside communication, you’ve heard about entertainer Bill Cosby being charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania. Pre-trial proceedings are ongoing, and Cosby’s attorneys dodged a huge bullet the other day. Cosby is charged with several counts of aggravated sexual assault back in 2004 against […]

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Arizona Legislators Attempt to Emasculate Shannon’s Law

Back in 1999, a fourteen-year old girl named Shannon Smith was killed by a stray bullet. When her parents were informed that the person who fired the gun that killed their daughter was facing, at most, a misdemeanor charge, they campaigned for a change in the law. And in April 2000, after being approved by […]

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Arizona DUI Arrests Decrease for Fourth Straight Year

Problems persist at the Phoenix Open Scottsdale has just played host to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, as it does each year. The tournament is fairly relaxed by golf standards. It is also the most well-attended golf event in the country. Round three of the tournament saw almost 205,000 in attendance this year, a new […]

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Strange Crimes of 2016

As we close the door on 2016, we’re reminded that although criminal charges are serious business, there is humor in at least some of these cases. Here is a sampling of some of the stranger cases of the past year: Caught red-handed. Police in Mesa, Arizona made an arrest that involved an alleged thief being […]

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Arizona Targets Doctor Shopping

Under a new law that is expected to go into effect later this year, the Arizona legislature has attempted to zero in on prescription drug abuse. The law will become effective October 1, 2017, or 60 days after the state has integrated certain data into its health information exchange, whichever is later. When implemented, A.R.S. […]

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Flagstaff Cop Punches Woman – Video Goes Viral

A woman who was not subject to arrest was punched in the face by a Flagstaff police officer. She was then arrested for resisting arrest. Sound strange? Here’s what happened. Officer Jeff Bonar says he was called in mid-November to assist in the eviction of a tenant. A deputy from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office […]

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Arizona Online Scams – “Tis the Season”

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is known for holiday plans, shopping, family gatherings and other activities. But if recent reports are any indication, it’s also a time for online scams. We’re not sure why this is a time for these rip-offs to multiply. Maybe it has something to do with the holiday spirit making […]

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Phoenix Hate Crimes on the Rise

A new report says that there was a large spike in hate crimes in the Phoenix area last year. Data released by the FBI shows that the number of incidents in our area rose by 26% in just one year. While the trend is consistent with the upswing in hate crimes nationally, the percentage increase […]

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