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Violent Crime Data for Phoenix Metro Cities is Suspect

ABC has compiled data which it says accurately ranks Phoenix Metro cities according to which cities have the greatest (or fewest) violent crimes per 1,000 residents. The results are interesting, although in some cases not surprising. In addition, we’ve looked at that data, and we have some questions of our own. The first involves the […]

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School Shootings Prompt Review of Gun Laws

We’re less than two months into the new year, and so far, and there have already been 18 school shootings in the country. While some of the incidents involved either a school that was closed or an after-hours shooting on a campus, many had devastating consequences. In the latest one, which took place in Florida […]

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What is the Law in Arizona on Hate Crimes?

A recent article reported on an attack that took place this month in Scottsdale. The victim says he was stabbed while the defendant called him the n-word over and over. The title of the piece says that there are those who want the attack to be labeled a “hate crime.” The article also refers to […]

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Arizona Bill Would Criminalize Failing to Report Life-Threatening Emergency

Arizona has a bill pending. While, on some level, it has a certain appeal, it’s an example of a knee-jerk reaction to a single event. That event, by the way, didn’t occur in Arizona. Rather, it happened over 2,000 miles away, on the east coast of Florida. Here’s the story. Back in 2016, a man […]

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Reported Increase in Phoenix Homicides Reflects National Trend

Homicides are up in Phoenix compared with 2016. While this may seem like a chilling statistic, it follows a historic low number of homicides in 2015. The statistics will be used by pundits to “prove” various political theories, such as the effect of sanctuary city status, among others. But we think it’s a mistake to […]

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Crazy mistakes that lead to getting busted for crimes

A news report this month caught our eye. Not because the crime was so unusual, but because of the way one of the alleged crooks got caught. It was an armed robbery at a Phoenix business by three individuals who, based upon the account we read, appeared to know what they were doing. Police say […]

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Arizona Fails in Reporting Hate Crimes

Crime statistics are compiled by many different governmental and non-governmental entities. They are used for a variety of purposes, some of them practical, others being political. The primary source for crime statistics both nationwide and among various states, cities and other governmental subdivisions is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) […]

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Arizona Ranks High in Cybercrime

A new study has identified Arizona as the seventh worst state in the country for cybercrime. This translates into more than 60,000 Arizonans reporting cybercrimes totaling over $20 million last year. What’s surprising about this, at least at first glance, is that Arizona has just over 2% of the nation’s population, and ranks 14th in […]

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Big Pharma’s Role in the Opioid Epidemic

There has been much said in the news lately about the opioid crisis. When Donald Trump made his speech last month about the issue, you’d think he discovered the problem. Well, that’s only about 180 degrees off the mark. The opioid problem in the United States has been recognized by experts in the field for […]

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Flawed Forensic Science – Brought to you by the FBI

We’ve all seen trials, mostly on TV but some of us – trial attorneys in particular – have seen real criminal cases being tried in front of real juries. And in lots of those cases, the evidence presented on behalf of the state consists of “experts” in one or another area of forensic science. There […]

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