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Disabled Veterans Scholarship 2016 Disabled Veterans Scholarship Entries

This is my life story, I came here to America twelve years ago full of dreams and vision. But like the rest of the thousands of immigrant like me my life was not easy. I encounter a lot of hindrances and challenges in my life. But I never quit on my American dreams, working hard and believe in myself with God’s blessing is my secret weapon to the road of my success.
The first experience that change the way I viewed the outlook of my life was when I had my first born son here in San Diego. I experience miracle. It’s been 12 years since I came here from Philippines as an immigrant. I enlisted to serve and protect my beloved country and then I was deployed. My experiences helps me to move forward and stay strong. I am very proud mother, soldier and now a student. After coming back from Iraq it was very hard and challenging because of my combat injuries. I have to adjust my relationship towards my family, my community and even to myself. I know that my injuries and war combat trauma will change my life. Because of this every day I have to struggle. I don’t make my disabilities define me. I don’t want to give up. I am strong and motivated to finish my school. To achieve my goal which is to graduate I have to have a good plan and work hard. My experiences will be my weapon to use on how to overcome any obstacles during my journey towards my graduation. I always apply my army core values in my everyday life. Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. This are the army values which are my back bone in life. I decided to go back to school because I want to have stable and secure job on the future. As a single mom I believe in good education and hard work is key to be successful. And with the help of this scholarship I will pursue my education. I also want to set as good example for my kids that education is important. I want to be there motivation. After my graduation I would like work in public service. I will continue serving my community in spite of being a disabled veteran.
-Mari S

I have spent 12 years of my life dedicated to the honorable service of the United States. I have served on multiple combat deployments and I am now a 100% Disabled Veteran. I am seeking a degree in Criminology and Law at UF.
-Richard R.

Having severed the United States of America, both in South Korea and Afghanistan, as result as of which I am a 40 percent disabled veteran, I feel that any level of scholarship or grant opportunity could greatly increase, not just myself, but my family chance for future success. I hope to gain longterm and sufficient employment to secure finical stability, and start a family with my wife. I would also like to continue serving my country in some capacity. Completing my degree plan in Political Science can help me achieve this goal. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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