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Campus Crimes

Campus Crimes

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Campus Crimes Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Were you, your child or another loved one charged with a campus crime? While these charges may in some cases appear to be minor, they can follow you and affect your life – or the life of your child – for years to come, including future job opportunities. Don’t let a youthful prank destroy the chances of a bright and successful future. Call The Feldman Law Firm to speak to an experienced criminal attorney. The initial consultation is free.

What is a “Campus Crime”?

Crimes on college campuses run the gamut from minor scuffles to felony drug and other charges. Here are some of the more common campus crimes in Phoenix:

  • Alcohol Crimes. The most typical offense is minor in possession of alcohol, a misdemeanor. Other offenses in this area include underage consumption of alcohol and using a fake i.d. to obtain alcohol.
  • Assault. This can range from simple assault to a felony.
  • DUI The DUI laws apply equally on college campuses, and the penalties depend upon prior DUI history and other factors.
  • Theft. This often involves theft of electronics (phones, laptops, etc.). The classification and penalty will depend in most cases on the value of the item allegedly stolen.
  • Drug Possession. Arrests for drug crimes are not at all unusual on campuses in Arizona. The seriousness of the offense will be a function of many factors, including the drug involved and the amount allegedly possessed.
  • Drug Trafficking. This can lead to a felony charge.
  • Many people are surprised to learn that stalking in Arizona is a felony.
  • Sexual Assault and other Sex Crimes. Sex crimes range from sexual assault (rape), to public indecency, indecent exposure, and others. These include both misdemeanors and serious felonies.

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What Happens if You Are Arrested by Campus Police?

If you are arrested by campus police, you may be under the impression that the arrest is somehow automatically a minor matter because it was a campus arrest. This is simply not the case.

Take the case of Arizona State University. ASU has its own police department, and in most ways is just like any other police department in Arizona. The officers in the ASU PD are sworn officers of the State of Arizona; they carry weapons; and they have the power to arrest students and non-students for criminal acts. Once arrested, you will ordinarily be brought to a campus holding cell until you are either released or transferred to county jail. The crimes that are charged are usually dealt with in the same way as an arrest and charge anywhere else in the state.

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What Makes Arrests of the ASU PD Different?

While we’ve said that an arrest by the ASU police is much the same as an arrest by any police department in Arizona, there is one important difference. Unlike non-campus PD’s, ASU police officers have the option of referring a case to the school, usually to the Dean of Students. This option would generally be exercised in the case of relatively minor offenses. An example would be a charge that grew out of a fraternity hazing incident.

Defending Campus Crimes

Assuming you or your child is arrested and charged with a campus crime, the potential consequences are certainly no less than an arrest by, for example, the Phoenix PD. The charge or charges can lead to an arrest, jail, a bail hearing, and ultimately a trial. The nature and seriousness of the offense charged will determine the potential consequences in the case, but those consequences could involve, if convicted, probation, fines, jail, or prison.

As in many criminal cases, it is important not only to find an experienced criminal lawyer to handle the defense, but also to find and retain that lawyer quickly. In the case of a campus crime, this could lead to a referral to the Dean, rather than having the matter handled solely in the criminal justice system. You will also increase the chances of a reduction in the charges, or perhaps a dismissal, with the speedy retention of the right lawyer for you or your child.

At The Feldman Law Firm, we have a proven track record of success in criminal defense. Call us for a free consultation.