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Neo-Nazi Found Guilty of Murder in 2009 Shooting

A man is facing the death penalty after being convicted of first degree murder and other charges by a jury in Phoenix. The case goes back to 2009, when Travis Ricci, a “neo-Nazi”, saw an interracial couple at a local park. Ricci apparently hurled some racial epithets at the man, who is black, and questioned […]

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Cyber Crime Continues to Plague Arizona

We reported in our blog last year (Arizona Ranks High in Cyber Crime) that Arizonans were in the top tier of Americans when it came to being victims of cyber crime. A year later, the news in our state is even worse. In fact, according to a new study, Arizona ranks first in monetary loss […]

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Rise in Police Violence in Phoenix

The crime rate in Phoenix has declined steadily since the 1990’s, although there has been a bit of an uptick in the past few years. The rate is more or less on a par with other cities and with the nation as a whole. Nevertheless, the police say that assaults against police officers are on […]

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Rising Prison Population in Arizona

Arizona is experiencing a general decline in crime rates, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. This applies to both violent crimes and property crimes. At the same time, the states prison population continues to grow. It sounds like something must be wrong with the system, given these two seemingly incongruous facts. Here are some […]

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Phoenix Ranked Third in Hate Crimes in the U.S.

It’s usually a good thing to be ranked near the top of a list – best cities to live in, high employment opportunities, etc. But last year Phoenix ranked near the top of a list that most folks would find reprehensible: hate crimes. What is the definition of a “hate crime”? As we pointed out […]

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Former Phoenix Mayor Blamed for Being Robbed

It’s fairly unusual when a person is blamed for being the victim of a crime. But that’s exactly what the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association says about the recent robbery of former Phoenix mayor and current congressional candidate Greg Stanton. The Association is the union representing the rank-and-file police officers. Their position appears to be that […]

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Marijuana Legalization and Federal Law

As most people are aware, more and more states have legalized the use of marijuana over the past several years. Some have legalized it for recreational use; others have given the okay to medical marijuana. And still others, while not legalizing it, have decriminalized the use of pot. Currently, recreational and/or medical marijuana is legal […]

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Presumed Guilty

Social Media, the Web and the Presumption of Innocence In these days of instant communication, we hear a lot about “fake news.” But apart from the jabs going back and forth in the political arena, real people are affected daily based on allegations that sometimes emanate from a single social media post or news story […]

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Felony DUI in Arizona

Most people understand that these days any DUI charge is a serious matter. Even if it’s your first arrest for driving under the influence, and you are charged with misdemeanor DUI, you face the possibility of some fairly severe consequences, including fines, license suspension, a short time in jail, installation of an ignition interlock device […]

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Duress Defense Addressed by the Arizona Supreme Court

A Pima County woman was charged with kidnapping and child abuse for keeping her three children locked up for months under horrible conditions. She was found guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. During the course of her trial, her attorney attempted to raise the defense of duress, which in her case consisted […]

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