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The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC will never charge for a consultation.  This is an opportunity for the client/family to ask questions of the attorney and the attorney to ask questions of the client/family.  It is also an opportunity for the attorney to provide general information about the process and what to expect. Would you expect to pay money to try on an outfit at a store?  No.  Why would you have to pay for a consultation?  At the Feldman Law Firm, PLLC, your consultation is free.

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Have a Limited Budget? Our firm will work within your budgetary limitations. Payment plans available upon request.

Free Jail Visit

Just as the Feldman Law Firm, PLLC does not charge for consultations, the firm will not charge to visit the client in jail.  Attorney, Adam Feldman, believes that this is part of the consultation as it assists the attorney in understanding the true nature of the future representation.

The family often knows minimal information about the charged offenses.  How then could an attorney give a fair price for representation without knowing as much about the case as possible.  Therefore, attorney, Adam Feldman will personally visit with the accused to get an in depth assessment of the case.  For this reason, The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC will never charge for the initial jail visit.

Every Client’s Financial Situation is Unique

The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC recognizes that nobody makes financial plans or saves up for a criminal defense attorney.  To the contrary, when you or a loved one is arrested, it is typically an utter surprise and a scramble to access your financial resources.  Therefore, this Phoenix-based criminal defense law firm seeks to accommodate each potential client recognizing that each every person’s financial situation is as unique as the case itself.

Many people seeking to hire a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, or the surrounding cities/municipalities, seek a criminal defense attorney before they even know what they can afford.  That is totally normal and absolutely acceptable.  As previously stated, criminal charges usually come as a surprise.  For this reason, The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC strives to work out the most reasonable and affordable payment plans to accommodate the needs of those in this community.

Payment Plans are Accepted

Again, most individuals were not expecting or financially planning for criminal charges.  Therefore, it would be unreasonable for any criminal defense law firm to assume that the finances are readily available in a lump sum.  Accordingly, The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC will strive to work out financial arrangements with each client and/or family so as to accommodate full representation.

Each payment plan is as unique as the case itself.  However, the most typical payment plan is a down payment (retainer) to assure that the attorney will be present at the next hearing.  After the retainer, the law firm will usually set up a bi-weekly payment plan.  Some individuals prefer weekly payments or payments of the 1st/15th of each month so as to coincide with their paychecks.  The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC will seek to accommodate any of these requests to make the process as easy as possible.

All Major Credit Cards are Accepted

The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC accepts most forms of payments.  It is not uncommon for clients to submit, personal checks, wires, money orders, cash, or credit cards.  The law firm will accept any of these forms of payments.

The Feldman Law Firm will Beat Any Qualified Competitor’s Price

Unfortunately, hiring a criminal defense attorney is never an inexpensive undertaking.  Therefore, the market is very competitive and this is good for you.  There are many qualified attorneys seeking to represent each client and this keeps the prices for representation low.  For this reason, The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC will seek to beat any price of a qualified competitor.

Perhaps, you may notice that the law firm does not offer a “guarantee.”  This is correct, and there is a very specific reason for this.  In this economy, there are many ill-qualified and/or ill-trained attorneys that are willing to accept a case for pennies on the dollars regardless of their qualifications and/or comfort with the actual representation.  Therefore, The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC will first assess the quote received from a competitor.  If The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC deems the competitor as qualified, the firm will beat the price.

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