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Manslaughter vs. Criminally Negligent Homicide in Arizona

Homicide may appear to be a relatively simple subject. But when a person’s life has been taken, the criminal ramifications can become very complicated. In Arizona, the criminal laws seem, at first glance, to be relatively straightforward. Homicide is defined, simply, as first degree or second degree murder, manslaughter, or negligent homicide. Other states have […]

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Reported Increase in Phoenix Homicides Reflects National Trend

Homicides are up in Phoenix compared with 2016. While this may seem like a chilling statistic, it follows a historic low number of homicides in 2015. The statistics will be used by pundits to “prove” various political theories, such as the effect of sanctuary city status, among others. But we think it’s a mistake to […]

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Hit-and-Run Charged in Phoenix Traffic Fatality

It was reported last week that a pedestrian was killed in Phoenix when she was struck by a vehicle at an intersection. The driver of the car, according to police, did not stop after hitting the young woman. Rather, he proceeded to the parking lot of nearby Frys, ostensibly to check the damage to his […]

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Murder, Manslaughter or Self-Defense?

A homicide case in which the defendant was charged with murder has resulted in a manslaughter conviction. Bradley Quillen was sentenced to ten years in prison in connection with the shooting death of Miguel Delfin last April after an altercation outside a Phoenix 7-Eleven store. One of the critical facts in the case was not […]

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Death Row Inmate Gets Another Chance . . . Maybe

An appeals court has directed that a man convicted of a 1990 sexual assault and murder receive a new hearing to determine whether police misconduct may have tainted the conviction. A number of arguments were made by death row inmate Michael Gallegos in his habeas corpus hearing before a panel of the 9th U. S. […]

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Homicide Rate in Phoenix Hits 30-Year Low

If you’ve been waiting for good news on the crime front, listen to this. The number of homicides in Phoenix during 2015 was the lowest in almost 30 years. A total of 113 murders took place in the city last year. And we haven’t seen a number that low since 1988. At various points during […]

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