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Are Arizona Legislators Immune from Criminal Prosecution?

After reading this headline, you might think that we’ve lost our common sense and are suggesting that the members of the Arizona legislature are above the law. But that’s what law enforcement has been telling police officers. A recent example illustrates the point. Representative Paul Mosley (R – Lake Havasu City) was recently out for […]

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Sex Crimes (and Defenses) in Phoenix

When most people hear the phrase “sex crime,” they think about rape, forcible rape in particular. But in Arizona, as well as the other states, there are a host of sex crimes the appear, at least on the surface, to be less destructive and violent. On the other hand, the victims of these “lesser” sex […]

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Arizona Bill Would Criminalize Failing to Report Life-Threatening Emergency

Arizona has a bill pending. While, on some level, it has a certain appeal, it’s an example of a knee-jerk reaction to a single event. That event, by the way, didn’t occur in Arizona. Rather, it happened over 2,000 miles away, on the east coast of Florida. Here’s the story. Back in 2016, a man […]

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Crazy mistakes that lead to getting busted for crimes

A news report this month caught our eye. Not because the crime was so unusual, but because of the way one of the alleged crooks got caught. It was an armed robbery at a Phoenix business by three individuals who, based upon the account we read, appeared to know what they were doing. Police say […]

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Strange Crimes of 2016

As we close the door on 2016, we’re reminded that although criminal charges are serious business, there is humor in at least some of these cases. Here is a sampling of some of the stranger cases of the past year: Caught red-handed. Police in Mesa, Arizona made an arrest that involved an alleged thief being […]

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