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Crime Reduction and the Jail Population in Arizona

Sure. Everyone wants to reduce crime. And there are a host of theories about how to do it. Some suggest that the way to stop recidivism – that’s the tendency of a convicted criminal to commit additional crimes – is to make the punishment so harsh that it will “deter” the commission of a crime. […]

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New Arizona Law Could Help Opioid Users Avoid Prison

SB 1278 went into effect last week. The bill establishes a statewide program for the rehabilitation – rather than imprisonment – of some non-violent felons, including those charged with felony drug crimes. Until now, Maricopa County was the only county in Arizona with a pretrial intervention program aimed at felonies. The bill includes an appropriation […]

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U.S. Judge: Arizona Prison Health Care Plan “Absurd”

It’s not every day that you read a statement by a federal judge describing government actions of any kind as “absurd.” But that is word used by United States Magistrate David K. Duncan after his review of a proposed plan by the Department of Corrections to improve health care in Arizona’s prisons. The genesis of […]

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