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Crime Reduction and the Jail Population in Arizona

Sure. Everyone wants to reduce crime. And there are a host of theories about how to do it. Some suggest that the way to stop recidivism – that’s the tendency of a convicted criminal to commit additional crimes – is to make the punishment so harsh that it will “deter” the commission of a crime. […]

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Sex Crimes: Arizona “No Bail” Law Ruled Unconstitutional

The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution covers a lot of ground. It provides that excessive fines should not be imposed, and that cruel and unusual punishments should not be inflicted. It also says that “excessive bail shall not be required.” Of course, there have always been situations in which a judge may decide […]

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Arizonan Denied Bail in Oregon Standoff Case

Oregon standoff suspect Jon Ritzheimer appeared in federal court last week on a bail hearing. Ritzheimer is charged with conspiracy and other offenses, and had surrendered to the Peoria (Arizona) Police Department. Ritzheimer had left the Oregon occupation camp just hours before the FBI cracked down on the site, and returned to his Arizona home. […]

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