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Tempe Crash Leads to DUI, Manslaughter Charges

Some people still consider DUI a relatively minor offense. Maybe because for a first-time DUI, the charge is usually a misdemeanor. Whatever you might believe about the seriousness of drunk or drugged driving, a recent event in Tempe might well change your thinking. A Phoenix man was driving his pickup truck this past Saturday night, […]

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Second Degree Murder Charged in Alleged DUI Hit and Run

A Tucson woman has been arrested in connection with a fatal collision last week involving a bicyclist. Police say a man was traveling in the bike lane when he was struck from behind and killed by the suspect’s vehicle. According to an eyewitness, the woman left the scene after the crash. The witness apparently followed […]

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Manslaughter Charged in Alleged DUI Crash

It is not unusual to read of an automobile fatality where one of the participants is charged with manslaughter. A recent example, this one from Arizona, occurred this month. Police say the driver of a vehicle rear-ended an SUV, which led to the death of the SUV driver. Authorities claim the first vehicle was speeding, […]

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Prison Sentence for Driver in Prescription Drug Case

It has been more than a year since Carol Ann Sacca drove her Toyota the wrong way on Loop 101 in Phoenix, striking an oncoming motorcyclist. The driver of the motorcycle was killed in the crash, which also caused a third driver to crash while attempting to avoid the collision. Both Sacca and the third […]

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