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Arizona Fails in Reporting Hate Crimes

Crime statistics are compiled by many different governmental and non-governmental entities. They are used for a variety of purposes, some of them practical, others being political. The primary source for crime statistics both nationwide and among various states, cities and other governmental subdivisions is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) […]

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Arizona Ranks High in Cybercrime

A new study has identified Arizona as the seventh worst state in the country for cybercrime. This translates into more than 60,000 Arizonans reporting cybercrimes totaling over $20 million last year. What’s surprising about this, at least at first glance, is that Arizona has just over 2% of the nation’s population, and ranks 14th in […]

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Big Pharma’s Role in the Opioid Epidemic

There has been much said in the news lately about the opioid crisis. When Donald Trump made his speech last month about the issue, you’d think he discovered the problem. Well, that’s only about 180 degrees off the mark. The opioid problem in the United States has been recognized by experts in the field for […]

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Flawed Forensic Science – Brought to you by the FBI

We’ve all seen trials, mostly on TV but some of us – trial attorneys in particular – have seen real criminal cases being tried in front of real juries. And in lots of those cases, the evidence presented on behalf of the state consists of “experts” in one or another area of forensic science. There […]

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Self-Driving Cars: Can You Still Get a DUI?

With self-driving cars being tested and readied for the market in the next few years or so, many people are asking a question: if the car is self-driving, can you still get a DUI if you’re in the driver’s seat? Tests are being run on these cars not only in the United States, but in […]

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Crime Reduction and the Jail Population in Arizona

Sure. Everyone wants to reduce crime. And there are a host of theories about how to do it. Some suggest that the way to stop recidivism – that’s the tendency of a convicted criminal to commit additional crimes – is to make the punishment so harsh that it will “deter” the commission of a crime. […]

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Arpaio’s Phoenix Posse Groups to be Reviewed

The “posse program” launched by former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under investigation by Arpaio’s successor, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone. Arpaio, convicted of criminal contempt for willful refusal to comply with a federal court order – and later pardoned by President Trump – said he formed the posses to protect citizens and free up sheriff’s […]

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Arizona Judges Chastised for Ignoring Court Decision

There’s not much talk these days about prisoners’ rights. Most of the crime quotes from the pundits seem intent on fomenting fear, mostly of immigrants and non-whites. But what happens after an arrest? How are suspects in custody treated? A book could be written on the subject, but we’re focusing now on the mechanics of […]

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New Arizona Law Could Help Opioid Users Avoid Prison

SB 1278 went into effect last week. The bill establishes a statewide program for the rehabilitation – rather than imprisonment – of some non-violent felons, including those charged with felony drug crimes. Until now, Maricopa County was the only county in Arizona with a pretrial intervention program aimed at felonies. The bill includes an appropriation […]

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Hit-and-Run Charged in Phoenix Traffic Fatality

It was reported last week that a pedestrian was killed in Phoenix when she was struck by a vehicle at an intersection. The driver of the car, according to police, did not stop after hitting the young woman. Rather, he proceeded to the parking lot of nearby Frys, ostensibly to check the damage to his […]

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