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Rise in Police Violence in Phoenix

The crime rate in Phoenix has declined steadily since the 1990’s, although there has been a bit of an uptick in the past few years. The rate is more or less on a par with other cities and with the nation as a whole. Nevertheless, the police say that assaults against police officers are on […]

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Tempe Crash Leads to DUI, Manslaughter Charges

Some people still consider DUI a relatively minor offense. Maybe because for a first-time DUI, the charge is usually a misdemeanor. Whatever you might believe about the seriousness of drunk or drugged driving, a recent event in Tempe might well change your thinking. A Phoenix man was driving his pickup truck this past Saturday night, […]

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Hazing Alleged at High School in Chandler, AZ

At least four members of the Hamilton High School Football team in Chandler, Arizona have been arrested for a variety of offenses allegedly committed against other students. Police say the arrests stem from what some are calling “locker room” behavior, but others – including the police – says the allegations are more serious than that, […]

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Aggravated Assault in Arizona

Just what does it mean to be charged with aggravated assault in Arizona? Simple assault doesn’t sound so bad, but when it’s aggravated . . . well, it seems a lot worse. And it is. Simple assault in Arizona is a misdemeanor. It consists of causing physical injury to someone, either intentionally, knowingly or recklessly; […]

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