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Marijuana Legalization and Federal Law

As most people are aware, more and more states have legalized the use of marijuana over the past several years. Some have legalized it for recreational use; others have given the okay to medical marijuana. And still others, while not legalizing it, have decriminalized the use of pot. Currently, recreational and/or medical marijuana is legal […]

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Medical Marijuana Ban Sought on College Campus

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants to arrest people and charge them with felonies for having marijuana on a college campus, even if the arrestee has a valid medical marijuana card and has purchased the drug legally. Back in 2010, the voters in Arizona approved Proposition 203. That initiative, known as the Medical Marijuana Act, […]

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Doctor Faces Criminal Prosecution in Medical Marijuana Sting

In a case that is receiving wide attention in the news, the Arizona Supreme Court has limited the immunity of a doctor who prescribes medical marijuana. One of the provisions of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (A.R.S. 36:2811C) states that a physician cannot be prosecuted, penalized, or disciplined solely because the physician certified that a […]

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